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Terms And Conditions


Regarding the use of registered information:

All Information you entered on berenta.ph is granted to be viewed by brokers/leasers that you inquired to through the use of berenta.ph.

Please note that upon registration, the user may provide information not only for which spaces renters/buyers inquire but also allows the brokers/leasers to view the user’s profile.

This page provides the terms of service (“Agreement”) in which users may refer to in using the berenta.ph website (“System”) operated by Bedandgo Inc. The agreement orders the use of all information, content, and services available on this website between the company and the renters/buyers (“Customers”). By using berenta.ph, you agree to all terms and conditions stated in this agreement. If you do not agree to the following terms, please do not register or use the Berenta website.

Article 1 Definition

1. Berenta.ph ("System") is a web site operated by Bedandgo Inc. ("The Company"), which provides real estate advertisement and property leasing services on the internet.

2. A user means everyone who uses this service (Renter/Leaser).

Article 2 Service Details

Real Estate Services

A service that allows users to post, view, rent, or buy property leasings on the internet.

It is a service which allows users to post, view, and interact with property leasings and postings via this service.

Article 3 User Responsibilities

1. The user agrees to this agreement and assumes responsibility in the use of this service.

2. The user shall input only genuine information upon registration in order to use this service.

In the event that a user's registration information is invalid and a dispute arises between the broker or other third party due to misinformation, it is the user's own responsibility to deal with it, and any inconvenience will not be put in our company. Moreover, we are not responsible for it.

The same shall apply in replacing registration information input.

Article 4 Change Of This System & This Service

The Company may change or temporarily suspend this system and this service without notice in advance, but the user will not appeal to it. The users should use the latest ones when using.

Article 5 Cancellation Of Registration & Posting

1. For registration, please input the user's data with true and accurate contents.

We reserve the right to delete any data from this system and refuse future registration if false information are registered contrary to public order and morals.

2. Users who fall under the following circumstances are not permitted to register, so we may not post them without notice in advance. Moreover, when it is judged that it falls into these category even after publication, there is a case where we are allowed to cancel posting without refusing similarly:

Companies (corporations)/individuals conducting activities contrary to public order and morals.

Companies (corporations)/individuals that are likely to impair economic safety and reliability.

Companies (corporations)/individuals that are likely to lead to antisocial behavior.

Companies (corporations)/individuals that seem to have conflict with related law/s and ordinance/s

Businesses that are not suitable to be introduced as a real estate company (corporation).

Other companies (corporations)/individuals judged to be unqualified by the Company.

Article 6 Prohibited Matter

The purpose of this system is to support real estate property leasing and selling linking renters, buyers, brokers, and leasers.

We will prohibit acts other than recruitment activities on this system, as well as the following examples:

1. Commercial act without permission of this system.

2. Send an aim for advertisement, mail, junk mail, spam mail, chain letter, and other postings other than real estate leasing.

3. Post or publish things that name other persons, infringe on the rights of others, and promotes illegal content (adult content, contents that dislike other organizations).

4. To use the information obtained by this system for commercial or illegal purposes.

5. Collect and accumulate personal information.

6. Trying to decrypt the ID or password of another person, trying to infringe or violate the security of the system itself.

7. Register false information.

8. Cooperate with illegal activities of listed companies, such as concealing adopted facts.

9. To slander our company, other users, brokers, leasers, and third parties and to write malicious content on social networking sites (SNS), etc. via the Internet.

10. Infringe the legal rights of our company, other users, recruiting companies and third parties.

11. Any other actions arbitrarily determined by us as inappropriate.

Article 7 Damages Compensation

In the event that the user violates the prohibited items of this agreement and damages the Company or a third party, the user will be liable for damages caused to the Company or a third party.

Article 8 Disclaimer

1. In addition to the sites related to this system, related e-mails, as well as all the work information, personal information, corporate information, desired information, data, picture, link, and information contained in any media possessed does not guarantee accuracy.

2. This system is based on the following points:

2.1 The system was not used or was not made,

2.2 The work or talent was not found,

2.3 Remark by a third party,

2.4 Unauthorized access,

2.5 We do not assume liability for any direct or indirect damage resulting from this system.

Article 9 Amendment, Modificatuon, Deletion Of Registration Information

We may need to change or delete registered information due to the fact that the registered data is inappropriate on the layout, the possibility that the expression violates the law, the prohibited act in the preceding article was done, etc. If it arbitrates, we can modify, change, or delete the information without notifying the user.

Article 10 Change of Terms

We can change this agreement from time to time without obtaining user's consent, and approval of the change contents will be deemed to have been approved by all users by posting in this agreement.